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Reigniting Workplaces through Transformative Conversations
Cleveland, Ohio 44102
United States
Thursday, June 20, 2024, 8:00 AM - 8:50 AM EDT
Category: Virtual Town Halls

We can vividly recall conversations that touched us deeply, helping us feeling energized, awakened to new possibilities or transformed in our capacity for creative action. In comparison, many conversations both inside and outside the workplace are predictable, mundane, polite and formal, playing safe within the boundaries of social etiquette. Someone may ask, what do meaningful conversations have to do with business? Why should companies care? 

Every workplace has a socio-emotional aspect and a task-result aspect. The socio-emotional aspect refers to the depth of the relationships and the level of emotional nourishment that people experience The task-result aspect refers to the work-related outcomes. An imbalance in the modern corporation is the excessive concern over the task-result dimension and the neglect of the socio-emotional dimension. The “great resignation” and “quiet quitting” are merely symptoms of a deeper illness. Conversational arteries are vehicles through which organizational culture is shaped, presenting an untapped opportunity for managers and employees alike to create enticing workplaces where people feel truly seen, comforted and challenged. 

We have lost sight of the enormous potential of workplaces as spaces where people can form deep social and emotional bonds, enjoy intellectual stimulation, be awakened to new possibilities, exercise creativity and enjoy levity and humor. If a paycheck becomes the only motivation for coming to work, we have squandered a precious opportunity to unlock the depth of human potential at our workplaces. This session will explore the art of transformative conversations that help unleash human potential in our professional and personal lives!



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