What Our Members are Saying 


The HRLG is a wonderful group of experienced HR professionals with whom I’ve been able to meet and share ideas with on the latest challenges and trends in our field.  In addition to a mix of current, relevant and thought-provoking topics, the town halls are great for sharing and learning different ways to tackle similar challenges we all face. For anyone looking to connect with HR thought leaders in NEO, the HRLG is the group for you! 

Lorain County Community College

I enjoy and benefit from participating in HRLG. My membership keeps me in touch with great colleagues who are building and practicing leadership skills to support rewarding careers for individuals and optimize success of the organizations in which they work. HRLG’s Programs offer content from insightful and engaging thought leaders, with the opportunity to engage and discuss the content amongst attendees, who are very sharp in their own right! 

Q3 Talent Solutions, LLC 


I’m so glad I joined HRLG. The opportunity to interact with a group of professionals dedicated to HR and Northeast Ohio is fantastic. Every month, I learn new things, and connect with great people in Human Resources.  
Data Facts

I am impressed with the quality of the HRLG programs! I love the format of an in-person program one month, and a virtual town hall the next. Not only are the program topics relevant, but the presenters are engaging and informative. The town halls really harness the power of networking by allowing members to reflect on what we learned and share ideas, opinions, and best practices.     
Schill Grounds Management